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Python Training Centre in Bhopal

Php Training and Coaching in Bhopal

Course Details

CourseName: Python Development

Course Duration: 45 Days

Course Material: Yes

Backup Classes (if any missed): Yes

Dought Session : Every Sunday

Project: Yes

About Python Programming

Now a days python technology is growing day by day. It is a general pupose interpreted high level programming language. It is used in Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Desktop Application etc.

There is a more job opportunity in python. You can also learn python in few months. Join today Python Training and Coaching Centre in Bhopal.

Syllabus of Python

Chapters Topics Name
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Conditional Statement
Chapter 3 Looping & Control Statement
Chapter 4 List
Chapter 5 Touple
Chapter 6 Dictionary
Chapter 7 Functions & Modules
Chapter 8 Input/Output
Chapter 9 Exception Handling
Chapter 10 Oops Concept
Chapter 11 Regular Expression
Chapter 12 CGI
Chapter 13 Database
Chapter 14 Networking
Chapter 15 Multithreading
Chapter 16 GUI Programming
Chapter 17 Email Sending & Project