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Major & Minor Live Project Training in Bhopal

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Course Details

CourseName: Major & Minor Project

Course Duration: 120 Days

Course Material: Yes

Backup Classes (if any missed): Yes

Dought Session : Every Sunday

Project: Yes

About Major & Minor Project

This course will teach you, how to create project for a client. In this session we will trained you in perticular language and give you some task on daily bases. you have to complete all the task.

Major & Minor project required by University which you have to complete in 5th and 8th Semster.

You can also make your minor and major project in few months. Join today Major and Minor Project Training in Bhopal.

Syllabus of Graphics Designer

Chapters Topics Name
Chapter 1 Software Analysis
Chapter 2 Software Designing
Chapter 3 Software Development
Chapter 4 Software Testing
Chapter 5 How to Create Report File
Chapter 6 How to Present Your Project
Chapter 6 How to Live Your Project