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Android Mobile Application Development Training Bhopal

Php Training and Coaching in Bhopal

Course Details

CourseName: Android Developer

Course Duration: 90 Days

Course Material: Yes

Backup Classes (if any missed): Yes

Dought Session : Every Sunday

Project: Yes

About Android Development

Android application development course in which you will learn to to make application for android OS. You can create business application, institutional,organisation,NGO ecommerce,realestate,billing software etc.

Still many mobile app development company required thousands of android mobile application developer.

You can also become Android App Developer in few months. Join today Android App Development Training in Bhopal.

Syllabus of Android Development

Chapters Topics Name
Chapter 1 Basic of Android
Chapter 2 UI Widget
Chapter 3 Activity, Intent & Fragment
Chapter 4 Android Menu
Chapter 5 Layout Manager
Chapter 6 Adaptor
Chapter 7 View
Chapter 8 Android Services
Chapter 9 Data Storage
Chapter 10 Database
Chapter 11 SQLite
Chapter 12 XML & JSON
Chapter 12 Content Provider
Chapter 12 Android Notification
Chapter 12 Multimedia
Chapter 13 Speech,Telephony,Location API
Chapter 14 Animation, Device Connectivity
Chapter 15 Sensor
Chapter 16 Android Graphics,P2P Communication,Web Services,Google Map
Chapter 17 Project Development