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6 Month or 45 Days Internship Training Program

Php Training and Coaching in Bhopal

Course Details

CourseName: Internship Training

Course Duration: 180 Days or 45 Days

Course Material: Yes

Backup Classes (if any missed): Yes

Dought Session : Every Sunday

Project: Yes

About Internship Training Program

Internship training basically students have to complete live project jobs inside the company on office hours. here student can learn how to deal with client, how to get requirement from client,how to collaborate with team, how to complete project within deadline and more responsibility you can learn here.

After that you are ready for any software company.

You can also learn those things in few months. Join today Internship Training Program in Bhopal.

Modules of Internship Training

Chapters Topics Name
Chapter 1 Give the Task for Live Project Daily
Chapter 2 Complete the client Project by the student
Chapter 3 Testing Perform
Chapter 4 Training Report
Chapter 5 Problem Faced by Student
Chapter 6 Project Timeline
Chapter 6 Presentation